The original Airworthiness Certificate was granted on August 3rd, 1940. It was operated at the Akron Airways, (OH), Purdue University (IN) and the Pierce Flying Service (IN). On July 7th 1943 it was purchased by the  Defense Plant Corporation and leased to the Civil Aeronautics Administration for subsequent license to the CAA War Training Service Contractors.
I purchased the plane in the fall of 2008 and replaced the engine. After three years in Santa Barbara, and three years in New Jersey (N40) I moved to Spruce Creek.
Since arriving here it has been the platform for a marriage proposal over New Smyrna in a four ship biplane flight (she said yes). It flew as #3 in the 18 ship Toy Parade 2014 flight lead by Jeff Edwards.

Dave Baldwin’s Waco

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1940 WACO UPF-7 Serial number 5317, N20971
It is powered by a Continental W670-6A 7 cylinder 220 hp. engine (1000 hour recommended TBO) and has a polished Curtis Reed 55501-S 96” propeller. It has a bench seat in the front cockpit that can accommodate 2 people. Approximately 600 of this model aircraft were built.
The type certificate specifies a minimum fuel rating of 65 octane. It will carry 50 gallons split between 2-25 gallon tanks in the center section (center of the upper wing). Oil capacity is 4 gallons. Vne 214 mph. Normal cruise is 110 mph at 1800 rpm. Gross weight is 2650 lbs., empty weight is 2037 lbs. Pilot & passenger visibility on the ground is extremely limited compared to modern aircraft. It will operate comfortably out of a 1500’ grass field at gross weight on a hot summer day. It is a very easy plane to fly!

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